Wednesday, December 26, 2012

review make up: maybeline eyeliner

hye u ols...

today nak share info pasal this maybeline eyeliner i just bought at Guardian...

memang mencari liquid eyeliner yang best.. my cousin bought at sasa cyber is so nice... but when i went to sasa.... abes dah colour pegi guardian and this lady promote me this eyeliner...

dia cakap " this is better lo... the eyeliner stays for 36 hours, easy to apply and very nice"... i pun tak tahu why i terus agree.... terus bayar di counter... harga tak ingat la..tapi less then RM40..

the next day, i terus try *eyeliner memang dah abes...tu sebab beli..bukan boros*... hahahaha

hasil nye... hmmmm...not as good as expected... why??
- brush dia tak nipis... so eyeliner jadi tebal..
- apply sekali je tak akan hitam sangat..kene apply 2-3 kali baru betul2 hitam eyeliner tu
- kalau dah apply 2-3 kali mesti nampak eyeliner tuh tebal...
- last for 36 hours??? tipu giler.... it last about 4-6 hours je (with one coating)..
- kalau sapu sampai 2-3 last la about half day to one day..depands on your sweat n etc..


okey la eyeliner nie..not my fav..i should go and try for cyber colour next time...

this is the bekas and brush... bekas dia kecil je.. besar duit 50 sen je

one coating

atas tuh 3 coating..bawah one coating

this is just my opinion...orang lain may say this is very good...for me...okey la...not so good...

if any of you would like to try...go ahead...dont malu-malu.. tak rugi mencuba..mana taw seswai dengan jiwa anda =)

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