Sunday, August 22, 2010

jealosy is a bad bad thing

every human has it's own jealousy level, some are low and some are extremely high...some just ignore it and some dont even have a relationship, it is kind of common to have a fight because of jealousy..i don't believe it if a couple say they never had a fight because of jealousy! i read a few articles, majority with 98% says jealousy is a bad thing in relationship..i do agree.. it makes yourself makes your partner even feel worst. we will always fight for our love.. but jealousy could destroy it in just a second.. so...avoid it! but jealousy person is hardly to overcome it.. anyway, it is a choice of life..stop being jealousy..u save your marriage/relationship.. if u did not stop it..u'll be losing the person u love and end up alone! lets see...what cause of jealousy... - your boy have a girl which is a friend? your boy has a female bestfren? - the girl is prettier than you? - the girl is hotter than you? - your boy contact her and not telling you? - u feel u are not good enough? - u feel bad? well...think back....reverse it... -your boy has a girl whom is a friend...well..he is still your boyfriend...and u own him...u are not a are his girlfriend... u r the one who is lucky.. -the girl is prettier than you/hotter than you...who got him..he choose you instead of her...which means u have something that she don' other are hotter and prettier than everyone else to him.. - u feel not good enough...well..thats just your thought! you are good enough...u are better than everyone..being his makes you the best! - u feel bad? feeling bad for accusing him...yup! thats bad..always ask...who and why... for what ever him..believe him... cause if he'll know the truth one day... but by trusting and have faith in him will make he loves you more..more and more.. some girls just devoted her life to her more other boys not even a boy who is just a friend..your life is only him...n him... well..that is your choice..u choose to let go of every friend you have for can;t expect your partner to do the have to accept...accept it for the sake of your relationship... tolerate and always discuss with each other how to overcome on everything... may you live happily me =)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

edward n me

as great as i's the best movie of the year...really damn satisifed with the movie... i watched it 8 times! i supposely watch it 30 times...if only vampire (i mean edward cullen) really do exist...i volunteer to be biten...who would refuse anyway... jacob as alwez...busybody...alwez wants bella to pick him instead of edward...but who could say no to edward cullen...he's sooooo hot! sizzling hot..n sweet n romantic...n nice..n understanding..n protective...n so perfect! so...breaking dwan will be in two part...1st part for bella n edward having baby...part 2 jacob n bella cute...cant wait for that! yuhuuuuu