Tuesday, November 29, 2011

official photographer...

Dear Friends... i just want to share my experience with my OP.... are they good? nahhhh! are they professional??? NAHHHH!! are they on time and follow their terms in the Quotation???? NAHHHH!!!

how worst it could be? my previous entry did talk about this.... it is frustrating.... but just let me share the chronology with u....

6. & 7 -may My big day

1 june -Received raw photos – by pos

10 june -Send shortlisted photos for three album

30.june -Received 1st layout nikah and sanding – no berinai layout

1 july- Comment – most photos in the layout is not as per shortlisted

8 july -Received 2nd layout nikah, inai and sanding

18 july -Comment – layout does not place according to the event flow

9 august -Received 3rd layout inai, nikah

10 august -Confirm layout nikah – proceed with editing, comment layout inai and sanding

10. august -Received 3rd layout sanding

12 august -Comment layout sanding – did not make any changes accordingly

13 august -Comment inai layout - did not make changes accordingly

19 august -Received nikah and sanding layout edited

20 august -Confirm nikah edited layout – proceed printing, comment on inai and sanding layout – still did not make any changes accordingly.

22 august -Received inai and sanding layout edited

23 august -Confirm on edited inai – request to change 1 photo only, comment on sanding layout – third time he send me the same un-edited layout to change photos accordingly.

23 august -Received final layout

23 august -Finally shah send me the amended layout – pg 5 – 8. We confirm the edited layout and request to proceed with printing

14 september -Received email from intan with new edited version of nikah, inai and sanding

16 september -Went to MoM office and confirm on the nikah and inai layout – we like faiz edited version. Request intan to edit pg 5-8 sanding album.

19 august -Received edited layout – it does not match with faiz layout – so we requested her to amend more or less like faiz edited version layout.

then amned it...send for printing like 2 weeks then receive our album on the 2 of october.... hmmmmm....

what a long journey to get the album....
it is not like they r part time....they r full time OP!....
i dun know...lain org lain rezeki nye kot...