Sunday, March 29, 2009

checking...or stalking?

i just bought a magazine-cleo 50's one of my fav mag..especially when it comes to the 50 bachelors of the yr edition...(well, i never miss one for this edition)... i'm not going to talk on the hotties guy...but about this article that really attracted me... it's a simple story..but taught me a lot... that day i just had an argument with my boo, so...the article really slap me on the face...huh... it started with...hv u ever check on ur bf fcbook n cry like 3 hours till ur eyes pops out? i do...i keep on being jealousy each time i check on his fcbook/ sucks! the story...he tell u that...what's the point of checking his fcbook/frsnt when it only hurt u more...why dun u just avoid it...stop urself from stalking on his privacy... well, it also included few tips to stop u from being works!... so...try it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

it hurts when i dun hear from u it hurts more when u dun want to talk it hurts when u r not happy it hurts more when i failed to make u happy i felt so useless, such a failure in life, when u dun smile i wish i knew how to make u happy, just like the way u used to make me happy, i wish i could share ur sorrow, like the way u alwez share mine, i wish i could be ur shoulder to cry on, n i wish u will count on me, both sad and happy moment, and i hope, u will realized, how important ur to me, n how proud i am with u.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

life is never easy, it's complicated than u ever imagine if life is easy, what's the meaning of your life? and if life is complicated.. does that mean u have a meaning in life? life is your own creation, u choose your own path, u created your own life, sadness and happiness it's all in your hand, in your heart, how happy is your life? do u have a perfect life? coz what i believe is.. no one has a perfect life.. not even me...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

my dream shoe...

here are my dream shoessss....if i am able to collect life will be partially complete...hehehehe..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

personal test...betul ke?

What others see from your style

Although to the untrained eye you may seem like a plain dresser who avoids trends, you actually wear carefully designed accessories and clothes that emphasize your uniqueness. You value your freedom and have an artistic mind. You are neither aggressive nor timid, but you believe in yourself.

What your nightclothes reveal

You are friendly and always in good mood. You are candid and helpful, and can be sexy at times too.

What others see from your ties

You are a happy and contented person. You are protective of your friends, honest and tidy. You are hardworking and like to be the person in charge.

What others see from your belts

You are a kind of person who likes to hide your feelings. You may have a hot temper but tend to cover it with an outwardly calm and gentle demeanor. You are sensitive when it comes to love.

What others see from your shoes

You like to be the center of attention. You like to look good at all times and probably never leave the house without makeup on. Although you may be intelligent, you're also insecure about your looks. You care about others, and will always listen to what they have to say.

What others see from your earrings

You are a sweet and talkative person. You are sociable, energetic and interesting, and get easily bored by the same old things. You are always looking for adventure.

The last analysis

You are probably a clever and adventurous person. You love to learn new things, and enjoy socializing with friends. Although you enjoy your freedom, you cherish peacefulness and like to spend time alone with your thoughts.

Monday, March 9, 2009

do u noe??

did u feels jealous when ever people is better than u? or mayb u feel jealous when ur bf/gf is close with any1? or..u dun get the things u wanted n some1 else got it?'s ok to be jealous.. once u r tired with it..u can get rid of it... but now..there's a better way... i read somewhere..that the jealous feeling comes from the small tiny part of ur brain... so...u can go n c ur doc n ask the doc to throw it away.. well..i'm not sure about that,,,but if it is like a tumor sure u can operate it... selamat mencube!!!!

me...n my beloved shopping list..

so did u guys heard the "wake up ur brain" thing... well...i do try but couldn't get thru...n now...the total is 10700...owh my god... so who's the lucky person to get the money!!??? so..i start day dreaming...who knows i might be the lucky i list down what i want to buy with the money... 1. levi's lady sunglasess = rm489.90 2. my red peep toe shoe, vincci ++= rm139.90 3. levi's unbutton jeans = rm490.00 4. my sport rim = rm2000 5. lancome 1 whole set make up worth rm700 6. perfume paris hilton 100ml = rm289 7. my guess clutch =rm279.90 8. my couch beutiful colourful handbag = rm899 9. paris hilton handbags= rm599 10. paris hilton balck heels= rm299.00 11. snapshot SE hp = rm1800 jp2..nk calculate brape dh... rm 3876.90 sikit je...ade byk lg utk dibelanje kn.... n list goes on.. 12. la senza nite dress = rm280 13. xixili nite dress =rm250 14. blush 1 set black = rm279 15. bobbi brown new make set = rm800 16. lots n lots of shoes, heels, snickers n handbags.... so..i will hv to stop for a while to think on what else i want to buy..with 10k... for now i only need less than 5k to fullfill my dream list... wow...lets cross our fingers...huhuhuuhuhu....

Monday, March 2, 2009

laSt Day @ CYpark OfficE

thursday.... it's my last day's not like i quit or something... i just had to move to the new office..across my old office...'s not cool to move there.. u noe..people over there r not even friendly... i think so...'s not that polite to just transfer ur staf anywhere u like.. if u want to place them somewhere...u should just put them at that place at the 1st time.. am i right? u's not good when u already comfortable with an area then in sudden u had to move and need to adapt to that new area...menyusahkan la.. but...what can i do... it's an will just move and adapt to the new environment... hopefully it's better place to be in.. lets hope!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

it a boring day...

1. Someone tells you they love you, you say...
>>i love u too b<<
2.If you won a lot of money on the lottery, what would you buy first?
>> my dream no...i nk make up kn my Aboo<<
3.Do you miss anyone?
>> yup...i miss my Epul<<
4.Who was driving the last time you were in a car?
>> me la...i drove my own car..ape da<<
5.Do you like your bed?
>> yes!! a lots!! <<
6.Will this weekend be a good one?
>> i dun now yet.hopefully la..arini bru monday la<<
7.Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months or more?
>> yes! we've been together for 6 years, bile mau masuk meminang ni??? <<
8.How is your hair?
>> pretty...i cut my own hair...n i love it<<
9.Do you like your life as of now?
>> yes...i have a great man in my life but i want a better job with big money!!<< .
10.Do you wish someone would call or text you right now?
>> x kesah pn...<<
11.Do you drink coffee?
>> everyday..i'm eddicted to caffein<<
12.Does anyone call you babe or baby?
>> yup..but it spells differently..BB..cute kn?<<
13.What were you doing yesterday at midnight?
>>tdo smbl peluk baju..hehe...<<
14.Do you like surprises?
>> yes!! good surprise..i like!!<<
15.What are your plans for the future?
>> hv a family n my own house<<
16.Have you ever set foot in a tanning bed?
>>i'm tan enough! klo nk jd hangus bule la...kekeke<<
17.Do you make your bed everyday?
>> mestilah...tu kn tmpt tido<<
18.Your best friend tells you she is pregnant what is your reaction?
>> wow!!<<
19.Do you like pasta?
>> yup! yummy...i cook it myself<<
20.Whisper or shout?
>> i never whisper...b je yg suke bisik2 ni...klo b bisik sy suke<<
21.Swim or run?
>> SWim la...bley pki swimming suit yg sy beli tuh<<
22.When did somebody tell you they loved you?
>> smlm, setiap hari la...i love u more b<<
23.Last person to annoy you?
>> xde sy x benci sesape<<
24.Do you wish your hair was shorter or longer than it currently is?
>> x teringin sgt nk rmbt corn-row(cmni ke eje eh) bule x ?<<.
25.Do you have a secret that less than 3 people know about?
>> nope..bukan rahsia sy...rahsia kwn sy...kami berdua je taw..<<
26.Have you ever had a phone conversation with someone who lived in a different state?
>> yup!! my kazen...helo along..kak tim nk perfume kt Uk<<
27.Do you and your best friend have the same cell company?
>> ye pn xtaw la..
28.Are you good at persuading?
>> kot!! betol x achik epul?<<
29.Are there a lot of people in your house?
>> xla..5 je...cmpr kucing gemok sy jd 6..x ramai la<<
30.Does the same person call you every single day?
>> mestila..dia kn pakwe saya<<
31.Last call received from who??
>> en epul sy la...tepon smpi tertido...comelnyer<<
32.What are you doing tonight?
>> nk tgk prison break!ooo...sblm tuh nk g tny tmpt tusyen ade keje kosong utk sy x?<<
33.Do you have a guy friend you tell everything to?
>> xlah's hard to trust him coz dia pn cm pompuan gk.. i tell evrything to en epul <<
34.Are you friends with more guys or girls?
:: girls la...
1. Sebut 1 buku yg terakhir km baca ~breaking dawn~
2. Sebut 1 nama teman mu yang berambut panjang!
~wan eman~
3. Sebut 1 nama teman kamu yang berkepala botak!
~xdela..semua de rambut~
4. Sebut 1 benda yang kamu sedang inginkan sekarang ini!
5. Sebut 1 makanan terakhir kamu makan
~ns oreng cendawan pedas..tq kak hannie~
6. Sebut 1 makanan yang kamu sukai!
~cheese cake, classic cheese cake..nyum nyum~
7. Sebut 1 minuman terakhir yang kamu mInum?
8. Sebut 1 teman yang terakhir kamu lihat!
~B..tgk gmbr..ari2 pn tgk gmbr B~
9. Sebut 1 nama orang yang kamu sayangi!
~saiful azman~
10. Sebut 1 bunga yang menurutmu paling indah!
11. Sebut 1 hal yang membuatmu kesal hari ini!
~nape kene pindah opis??~
13. Sebut 1 nama orang yang kamu benci!
~xde x benci sesape pn~
14. Sebut 1 orang terakhir yang membuatmu tertawa!
~B..b slaloo wt sy ketawa..setiap ms~
15. Sebutkan 1 hewan yg kamu takuti! suke gajah~
16. Sebut 1 rencana mu untuk esok hari!
~g fotostet, siapkn file utk matt...~
17. Sebut 1 nama pengirim sms trakhir!
18. Sebut 1 orang yang terakhir menelponmu!
~En. Epul sy~
19. Sebut 1 orang terakhir yang kamu telepon?
~Boo-lat..pastu kedit abes. nnt bb tepon lg eh?~
20. sebut 1 benda kesayangan? ~laptop sy syg kete sy gk, name dia Abo0~

that's why i love you

When you have to look away When you don't have much to say That's when I love you I love you, just that way To hear you stumble when you speak Or see you walk with two left feet That's when I love you I love you, endlessly And when your mad cuz you lost a game Forget I'm waiting in the rain Baby i love you, I love you anyway Here's my promise made tonight You can count on me for life That's when i love you When nothing you do can change my mind The more I learn, The more I love, The more my heart cant get enough That's when I love you, When I love you no matter what So when you turn to hide your eyes Cause the movie it made you cry That's when I love you I love you a little more each time And when you cant quite match your clothes Or when you laugh at your own jokes That's when I love you I love you, more than you'll know And when you forget that we had a date Or that look that you get when you show up late Baby I love you, I love you anyway Here's my promise made tonight You can count on me for life That's when i love you When nothing you do can change my mind The more I learn, The more I love The more my heart cant get enough That's when I love you, When I love you no matter what That's when I love you When nothing baby Nothing you do could change my mind The more I learn, The more I love The more my heart cant get enough That's when I love you, When I love you no matter what No matter what